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What People Are Saying

"the pain was debilitating"
I had injured my lower back, the pain was debilitating. Rhonda helped me more than any physio place I have ever gone to. Rhonda not only got me back to standing and walking, she redirected the pain. I normally would have been be ridden for 5-7 days eating pain killers like smarties. If you have an injury please do it for yourself, try Rhonda. I am so grateful that I did. Cindy; West Kelowna, BC

"I felt a few sessions with her did more for me than years of chiropractor, massage, physio and acupuncture"
My experience with Rhonda was so amazing. She worked with my body to heal back pain and shoulder pain. It really was a much more of an in-depth, all encompassing experience that has left me with the tools to keep healing myself. I recommend Rhonda's healing hands to anyone, especially those frustrated with ongoing ailments that seem unfixable. She is gentle and intuitive providing the safest space to find release in nagging injuries, allowing your body to start healing.    Claire: West Kelowna, BC

'Her quiet and attentive demeanour is so welcoming and comforting'

I have done group sessions for the back with Rhonda as well as private sessions to deal with the various aches and pains surrounding injuries and self-abuse that I have encountered in the past and have been firstly intrigued and later amazed at the depth of effort that Rhonda puts into her practice to create the best possible outcome for her patients!!

The personalized sessions are second to none. Then I realized the money that she is actually saving me by teaching me the skills and abilities to heal and improve my body at home, on my own!!! The reduction in Chiro and RMT bills far outweigh any costs that were associated with Rhonda’s sessions!!

The efforts that Rhonda takes to empower each of her patients is something that I had never experienced before and I feel that a very special lady has crossed my path, blessing me with her skills and presence!!

If you want to empower yourself to help your body be it’s own healer in any of the areas that are listed on her website, I don’t think that you will ever find a better coach and guide to equip you with all that is necessary to do so!!

Thank You Rhonda for all that you are, and inevitably all that you will become…to me and all of the people who you will guide and teach on your path.

Thank You.

Lorna Boryski - Online client - Prince Albert, SK

"currently dealing with bone cancer"
I wanted something that would help me feel less stuck. Rhonda's process is focused, calm, slow, targeted to each joint and she never pushes you passed anything that feels painful. With each movement and breathing into your body slowly opens up and everything feels fluid, less stuck and more open. I recommend working with Rhonda no matter what your issue is as she will help you and your body be better.  Denise: Vancouver, BC

"new ways to cope with chronic pain."
My goal was to develop a program I could use at home to deal with chronic pain. Rhonda helped me to do this and not only gave me some new tools, for dealing with symptoms, but also offered further insight into some of the root causes. As an astute observer and listener Rhonda meets the person where they are in their healing journey treating the person as a whole. She combines her extensive experience, knowledge, training and skill with astute perception and sensitively to make an accurate assessment of the problem. Drawing upon her many resources Rhonda armed me with additional supports, such as making recordings which aid my continued work at home. Over all my work with Rhonda has deepened my healing journey and given me new ways to cope with chronic pain.  

CO: Peachland, BC

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